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   Do you ever get the feeling that your life could be better than it is? Are you ready to discover how to love your life more than ever before. 


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Hypnotherapy can be used to overcome irrational fears, negative thoughts and unwanted emotions and can reprogram destructive patterns of behaviour.


In Hypnosis you are in a very relaxed state where your conscious mind has switched off and your subconscious is in a state of heightened awareness. This can happen as a part of every day life when you day dream or are engrossed in a book, eating, watching television or driving in autopilot. 


You remain fully aware and in control throughout the process.

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Uses hypnosis to help bring about changes in behaviour emotions and the way you perceive yourself and others by finding the source of the issues.

Analysis helps you understand about why you do the things you do.


The role of the therapist is to facilitate your own natural ability to change.

Life Coach

Connected coaching tunes into your beliefs whatever they are enabling you to empower yourself to create the change you are ready for. 

Coaching offers practical tips and systems that create focussed change. 

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If you feel like your life is either trapping you or has fallen away leaving you collapsed in the ruins please know that there is a way through this time and that future is far better than you can currently imagine.

Over the years I have supported many people coming out of a abusive relationship or coming to terms with the effects of their childhood and its been my honour to see them blossom and flourish as they find themselves once again or even for the first time.

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Wingwave Coach

There, buried away in the subconscious, is a reason that made sense at the time, but now holds you back from who you could be.

Wingwave Coaching combines EMDR (eye movement desensitisation reprogramming) with myostatic testing to get to the root of the issue.

Developed by German Psychologists in the1990s Wingwave has 25 years of German research that shows how it is so effective.

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Access Consciousness Bars

Thirty two points on your head connect to different parts of your life and when gently touched it can release anything that holds you back from your full potential. 

A session can release limitations in the area of your life that corresponds with the specific bar being touched. This incredibly nurturing process has the potential to change you in the way you view your world.

   Do you ever get the feeling that your life could be better than it is? Are you ready to discover how to love your life more than ever before. 


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Reiki Energy Practitioner

Science has found that all living things have a electromagnetic energy which vibrates at a certain level.

This energy can get blocked due to stress or illness or life changes. Energy therapy and reiki can help unblock the energy often resulting in a feeling of wellbeing and health as well as parts of our lives shifting too.

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Wrap Facilitator

Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

The Wrap system honours your recovery journey. 

Wrap is a wellness process designed for anyone to use to get well, stay well and make their life what they want it to be. It helps create tools to use for any of life challenges. 

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Timeline Therapy

Throughout our lives our story is created. To walk it, to imagine it, to reassess it, to reframe it, is to allow the subconscious to move through and move on. 

Researching and Writing


Supervision is a safe space where you can discuss clients and get support.

It’s a place where you can share worries or concerns about your work and get feedback without breaking client confidentiality. My role as your supervisor is to facilitate a place where support and self-reflection are safe and non-judgemental. 

Supervision is a requirement by many therapy associations including the APHP. The number of sessions required depends on the association and the number of clients the therapist is seeing; however, it is recognised as an essential part of a therapist’s work. 

It’s important for newly qualified practitioners to have regular supervision to help them with techniques and practices as well as emotional support as they navigate their new career path and as practitioners continue, they may wish to to be able to explore new processes and techniques as they become more competent. Some experienced practitioners also use supervision for looking more at their own deeper processes and expanding awareness within their work.

The benefit of supervision is the continued support by someone who understands the work from the inside. Keeping in contact with other practitioners retains the sense of belonging and connection within a career where we mostly work alone. Sharing ideas and concerns is important for continual development, and reflective practice gives you a chance to find the answers within yourself and to connect with any unconscious issues that your work with a client may have tapped into. I look forward to hearing from you.


The bars are amazing, just had a phone interview for a job and now a follow up interview next week in London. Did not see that coming lol

So thank you for introducing me to the bars!!

You can feel the circle of manifestation everywhere haha, like a tornado!

I will see how it pans out, pretty incredible few weeks though xx


A gifted lady who is down to earth and humorous. I always feel better after seeing her.


I felt comfortable and relaxed from my first meeting with Michelle.I found her to be very caring and has a great ability to put  one at ease.

After just a few visits I had fewer anxieties and more confidence.

I would not hesitate in recommending her as a very competent hypnotherapist. 


I have received natural healing from Michelle for quite a long time now. Michelle is extremely professional while also possessing certain qualities to make her a superb therapist. Michelle deeply cares about people and her life purpose is to help others, which she certainly does continuously. She carries exceptional healing gifts and is a wonderful hypnotherapist/counselor. With her soothing and calm persona, just being in Michelle’s presence automatically calms you. Michelle is also an active listener with great empathy, is completely non judgmental and makes you feel completely at ease. A very genuine and generous lady indeed! 


I’m still trying to work out what actually changed, something changed, my life has changed, I just can’t explain how. I feel more confident in myself, I feel happier with life, I have a new job, new friends, and I know it all happened when Michelle started running my bars.

Relaxing and life changing. Michelle lets me sleep or we talk about my worries, either way is perfect.


I was feeling pretty ghastly… a victim of 21st century living and needed some control in my eating habits… but what I found in Michelle was much more than even I had hoped for.

I attended a consultation session apprehensively and tearful, by the end of it Michelle’s calm and intuitive nature had reassured me and I felt ready for the sessions to begin… which they did and WOW! My confidence has reappeared, along with feeling of self worth, I feel happier, sleeping better and guess what… I’m losing weight… not even trying…..naturally and sensibly. I can’t thank her and her technique enough. 


Cannot recommend Michelle highly enough! I had a phobia of trying new foods for over 24 years and within a couple of months I was already trying things that before I never would have done! 

Now I'm so much more confident in trying new foods and it's made my life so much nicer. She also helped out with my stress that I get with food and work, which helped me stay calmer under stressful conditions.

She's a wonderful person and a great hypnotherapist. Give her a try, you won't be disappointed!


You’ve supported me through the most incredible transition of my life. Thank you.


Within 10 minutes of our coaching session Michelle offered me a powerful intuitive insight into me and my business that has released a 5 year block. Her gentle and yet challenging energy has inspired me to an immediate rewrite that is taking my vision to the next level. 


6 years ago I decided I should give up smoking , I had one session with Michelle and despite being sceptical I haven't smoked since she is amazing.


Michelle has helped and saved me in so many different ways using hypnotherapy, access bars, energy work, and WingWave. When I was struggling with Misophonia which is finding the sound of chewing unbearable, after just one session Michelle using WingWave managed to find the root cause of why I was experiencing it. It is a very powerful technique and since I’ve not struggled with it! Michelle by nature is so empathic, wise and caring I cannot thank her enough for all she has helped me overcome over the past few years. 

Wow! I didn’t expect it to work this fast!


I’m just not interested in the Chocolate Eggs this Easter.


That’s really surprised me what’s come up.


Michelle has helped me more than ever could be written in a review, she still does and l haven't been for any hypnotherapy for years, it's that good! I wholeheartedly recommend her services regularly to anybody that will listen because everybody should try it. Thank you Michelle


I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this lady and her skills. She has helped me in both daily life with anxiety and in my overall life and happiness. She gives you all the tools you need to learn about yourself and what you need to do for you. She is an absolute professional and has helped me change the path I was on for a much happier, more centred and secure one and I will be forever thankful I went to her. I still don't even think this review does it justice! Thank you Michelle xxx


Michelle's work is highly effective and truly special, on so many levels. I would highly recommend Michelle, who is also a truly authentic and personable practitioner.

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